What is Diorama?

Diorama is a three-dimensional modeling of a real or fictional event, with the help of light games of the moment or story. It can also be described as a three-dimensional large painting made for exhibition purposes. This word, which is the same in other languages, is also sometimes written in the form of a diorama in Turkish. The root of the word is French, and it began to be used in 1823. It is the synonym of the diorama which is formed by the fusion of the dia word meaning “from inside” and the word “seen” (meaning ‘panorama’), which entered French in the Greek language. Dioramas, which are usually ordered for mirrors or exhibitions, can be made in their actual dimensions or reduced in certain scales. Because of the fact that an event or moment is animated, more than one object is involved in dioramas to form a certain composition.

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